So i just made a poem titled world of misery and what it was about was how i experenced bullying and “torment” from people in school and how it pretty much fucked me up a lot in the head and i was also talking about a friend who i met last year (9th grade) who pretty much looked like a gentle giant until me and him started talking and he told me a lot of personal things that has happened in his life and i told him a lot of personal things that has happened in my life and we both related in such a way that it was like a missing piece of a puzzle i slowly started to fall in love with him but he didn’t want to love me more than just a friend because he was straight but that was okay i didn’t care but i still kept my eye on him and check up on him just to make sure he’s okay because friends make sure one another is alright right?

In school in general both of us are not well liked i’m not like by most of the students and a lot of the teachers because i’m socially awkward i’m creepy and sometimes morbid and very dramatic sometimes the students or the teachers would look at me as if i have some sort of mental disability or as if i’m in some way crazy i just don’t pay any sort of attention to it. my friend isn’t really liked because he’s a bit of a devil worshiper/satanic type of person and yes i know satanism (depending on the type) doesn’t believe in an actual Satan type figure but a lot of the students just call him evil and a freak because he does satanism but he really doesn’t do anything bad he literally doesn’t do anything that bad but a lot of student’s like to provoke him (he tells me) and i sometimes feel bad for him because he literally keeps getting shit thrown at him and then you begin to wonder why don’t i tell a staff member in the school about it or even the counselor the reason why is because they don’t listen they say that they will deal with it but they never get to and then sometimes if your the type of student that’s really quiet and doesn’t cause many problems they would try to do something for you as for me i’m very out spoken and loud about this and because of what i went through this school last year (freshmen year) i’m going to keep writing about the stuff i experienced here so i can prevent anyone from maybe wanting to come here i know there are other schools that are more worst but just think about it. ill at some point make a story time about the school any why i’m trying to transfer out (i might be able to leave after my year here is completed and i’m so glad)

But the other thing is i might not revel the name or location of the school because i don’t want to risk having the school find out about this and maybe try to retaliate against me

What i also forgot to mention was that i also talk a bit about mental illness as well over the last few years i have developed some kind of depression/anxiety that i am currently getting help for

And sometimes i do feel like a dying person but i still try to manage and move on

So yea have a good day night or afternoon where ever you are. -gardenlovepoet


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