It’s still early but i try to struggle to walk but i force myself to do so

All i can see is the world outside turned into what i’ve been trying to run away from

But i’m being forced to live in it because there’s no place on this planet where i can run away from it unless i was to leave the planet or just die

But at least i’m not alone knowing that he’s in someway by my side

His misery and mine worked like 2 magnets that connect to one another

Our minds mixed as one becomes a bomb of destruction but yet a dying flame wising for peace within lives damaged by mental illness

Even if this world was to ignite into flames i know that he’ll still be right here by my side

And as it burns away we both laugh as everything gets turned into ashes

Life is not something that can be explained without also understanding certian things to it

We feel all kinds of emotions

We see all kinds of things and sometimes they can be things that you wish you could un see

Knowing that there are people who do nothing but hurt others and knowing that they could be the person sitting next to you on the bus or your next door neighbor or even someone that goes to your school or work

My guilt anger fear and depression still wrap themselves around me like a snake

I almost think my life is about to end in any second

But at the same time i have to keep living for him because he’s my support and i still love him even those he doesn’t love me back because love is what fucked him over to where the word love is nothing but poison to him

A tourchered soul who has experenced all kinds of loss and pain but also torment from others who are supposed to care and actually love him

Even his so called friends who he thought he could trust slowly treated him like shit

But speaking for him will never do justice all it will do is cripple and peel away like an onion layer by layer. -Gardenlovepoet


5 thoughts on “World of misery (Inspired By The Events Of What I Went Through From 2012-Now)

  1. Powerful post. A shame so many of us have to endure so much. But your post shows strength, and i’m inspired by that. Thank you for posting.

    Liked by 1 person

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