I wake up and it seems that lately i lost inspiration in doing anything in life

I sleep till dawn and cry through out the days and night

I’m trapped in an empty void of sadness without the streigh to get up and fight again

When the life you had planned slowly slips through your hands when it feels like you been asleep for the best parts of your life

When you lost all the hope inside of you is there anything in this world worth holding on to

It’s hard being strong when you have to keep doing the act every single day just to reassure others that your alright or your fine

And maybe tomorrow my heart will awaken and i will find what i’ve been searching for in this cold world

But i’m still running out the strength to even wake up or even talk and i sometimes feel like i sleep into death

When your so far from home and you lost all sight of hope When your trying to find salvation but it feels so far away

When your lost in all dispare and it seems that no one cares

When you wake and there is only you is there anything left worth holding on to

Cause ill still have something worth holding onto

The thing that gives me the will to keep living. -gardenlovepoet



Lately it seems, I’ve lost inspiration It feels like it’s miles away I sleep through the day

And cry through the night time I’m caught in an empty space

Takes effort to find I don’t have the strength I’m holding on to what’s still left of me

When the life you had planned Slowly slips through your hands When it feels like you just slept through all the best years of you’re life When you can’t find your way When each day ends the same When you’ve lost the fight inside of you Is there anything worth holding on to

It’s hard to be strong When weakness is stronger I’m a prisoner in my own skin I’m not good on my own I need to be careful Someone to help these days begin

There are dreams I’ve let die That I just pushed aside I need to find out how to turn this dark back into light

When the warmth disappears When it’s been one of those years When you’re running from the truth because your scared of what you might find When your heart’s beyond repair When you wake and no ones there When your home consists of only you Is there anything worth holding on to

Maybe tomorrow my heart will reawaken And I can find what I’ve been searching for But today I’m tired and I’m running out of strength All I know is I can’t live like this anymore

When you’re so far from home When you’ve lost all signs of hope When you’re searching for salvation But it feels so far away When the words have disappear And the melody’s unclear When there’s nothing left inside of you Is there anything worth holding on to

Cause I will still be holding on, to anything worth holding on to.




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