For years i thought that my love life could of been better

I really thought that you could change my life for the better

But you only changed my life for the bad

Betraying me by going behind my back with someone else who you hardly know

I gave you the world and all you gave me was the smoke from a candle that can’t burn anymore

My heart was like chocolate that i made sweet just for you

Only to be used and lied to like all of this is just some kind of sick game to you

It may not matter to you and promises may be broken with others

But it mattered to me all your promises and all the things you said to me i really took to heart

I’m not going to beg for you to come back nor will i have to be some kind of “Side Hoe” or something “Extra”

Its either you have me alone or you have nothing

And i will walk quietly away from you

Only for us to go our separate ways. -Gardenlovepoet





One thought on “Chocolate Heart (A Poem Inspired By The Song “Chu Mai” By Na Ying)

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