From a far away place i watch the planet known as earth form and develop

Piece by piece rock is formed

Piece by piece life begins to form

And piece by piece things the earth slowly starts to sustain life and begin to create the many animals, insects, and early humans

The sky begins to form while the weather begins to come about too

The way nature became a way of survival was not just hard to watch but at the same time it was something that could be so beautiful if you was to have an open heart and mind to it

But then the species known as humans begin to create the thing’s that soon started endanger the planet

Creating weapons of destruction in order to hurt and kill one another and even the many animals or insects

The pain of not just the animals hurting one another but the way humans began to hurt them in the most unnatural ways

Only leading to humans to dominate what they wasn’t supposed to do

Was it fate that caused this planet to destroy itself

Or was it in some way pure luck that humanity was able to built itself to be stupid at the same time smart

With so much hate humanity has inflected causing animals to slowly go extinct not even by natural causes but by destroying their homes making it ours

Taking their food and making it ours

Experimenting on them and testing for all kinds of illnesses that could still kill us today

Life became a battle where humans turned this world into a brimstone of fire filling the air with toxic chemicals so dark you couldn’t see the sky anymore

The sun getting hotter as each century went by

Nature slowly loosing its fight at least tried to evolve as fast as it could

But then others realized that life on earth would be hell if we took it over completely

Saving and preserving what should be and what shouldn’t be was the move to keep as many things that mattered safe

We may never know everything that could be in space or in our waters or even in our own forests

But what do know is not everyone will live in harmony feeling the peace throughout the heart

And the song of life within the air. -gardenlovepoet


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