From where did this journey did i start on

From where did life begin for me and when did it all

Cause all i can remember is i was on the mountain that overlooked my memories and nostalgia

On my journey through living i see so many wonderful but scary things about this big planet called earth

Some of which scared me to where i didn’t want to talk about it but yet over time i was able to heal and move on

From waking up to seeing the sun slowly rise into the sky making the colors of pink yellow and the whiteness of the clouds get even more realistic

To hearing the birds slowly waking up and singing their song with their mother all day long

And with the insects going about their business

And even when the sun is going down everything begins to wind down into sleep and at night the stars and moon can be seen in such beauty

From mars and Venus

To mercury and Uranus

Life goes on in a cycle

Living life in harmony i just feel it while underneath the blanket of the sky

Most people choose to ignore the beauty of nature and choose to destroy but yet at the same time there is still some who actually stop look and listen

And try to regrow it all back

And so that we can learn to live as one. -gardenlovepoet


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