So a while ago i made a post about how i was having chest pains and how i was going to the doctor but then there was a mix up at the office and quite surprisingly everything came out normal and that kind of had me a bit concerned because i knew it wasn’t all just in my head but a few days after the doctors visit my chest pains cleared up and now they hardly show up anymore

But now i kind of had an issue where i couldn’t take a deep breath in and so i did some research and pretty much i came to a conclusion that it could be a minor case of  dyspnea and i say that because i haven’t worked out too much and i am a bit over weight and all of this started when spring was beginning to come so it could also be the temperature as well i’ll soon maybe book another appointment with the doctor to make sure that it’s alright i’m also working to loose a bit of weight i also kind of changed my eating habits a tiny bit (i still snack from time to time) but i’m going to make it through

So moving on to the next chapter in my life so pretty much i’m going to be transfering to a new school (Yay) mostly because of the issues and things i was going through my freshmen year and i have been trying to get out but i wasn’t lucky enough (i’m going to be heading on to my year as a junior next year)

And if you would like to know about my school “issues” i made a poem titled “Freshmen year” (Please make sure to read through it all it does get a bit creepy in the start but in the end it kind of clears things up a bit) here’s the link


More stories about school and maybe about my health will be made quite soon.

Made with love. -garden


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