I still remember you from my memories i use to share with you

I looked into your eyes and you saw right into my heart and i soon believed it was a match in heaven

I waited so long due to the loneliness always around me

Now i know that you are the answer to my prayers and you are my warmth and my strength now i’m not afraid now

I feel so happy i could just spread my wings and fly to where i belong

You picked me up whenever i fall and i tried to raise you up as well

So i know that often our minds may be misleading but our hearts can never lie

It hurts to be untrue to what I’ve gained through you

I cannot live forever

I know that i belong to only you

So now i know that often our minds can make up a lot of things but my heart doesn’t want it to stop

Time will soon embrace the song memories

And now i could finally live and now that i have you by my side

Together we’ll fly walk or run through our journey

And my heart will flourish on moments when i’m

With you. -Gardenlovepoet



One thought on “Journey of the heart (A Poem Inspired By The Song “Our Journey” By Melody Ishihara

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