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Wind chimes (To me) Represent the element of air. Their sound can be so powerful that it gives certain vibes (you can feel it in the air)

For this spell all you’ll need are some wind chimes you can either buy them or make them yourself

Take your wind chimes and put them on a flat surface

Hold your hands over them and imagine white light filling them

While you do this intone these words or similar:

“Wind chimes

 spell rhymes 

spell chimes

 wind rhymes

 air primes 

spell chimes 

nine times nine.”

Lift the wind chimes by the string which they will be hung. Hold them before your face. Blow against the dangling noise makers, visualizing their tones scattering and driving away negativity.

Hang them outside and let the wind chimes do their work.

For best results repeat this simple charging spell every nine days.

Have fun and be safe. -garden


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