It looks it’s time to wake up time to get up and time to begin “living”

Every day for the last few years feels like i’ve just been having a monster that always likes to follow me and then have me feel like i’m nothing

School turns from a place that’s supposed to be filled with learning and desire of wanting to know more then just how to speak turns into a battle field where both the students and teachers word’s and actions hurt like needles going right through your skin

The many people who sometimes in groups do nothing but talk behind one anothers back but yet calls each other friends But sooner or later they will find out the hard or harder way and they can deny it all they want but they will at some point have to come to terms with it.

I’m loosing my friend and my mind Becuase lately it seems that i lost the will to actually connect because it feels like every time something comes out of my mind someone just has something mean to say

So i try to stand strong and pretend i’m not hurt and go about the world like i’m having “fun”

Why must it feel like i aged faster then them

Why must it feel like i didn’t have a child hood

Why can’t i remeber the time i actually felt alive

Why must i feel happy one minute then the next i just want disappear but in the end it never mattered because life isn’t supposed be fair

and i will have to come to terms because this is life.


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