Whenever i go out into this world it’s almost like i’m having a war with everything and everyone around me because it’s almost as if no one likes or want’s me around and i slowly start to say how i don’t like myself either but then again i have to be me cause there’s no way i would ever let someone make me into something i’m not

i’m just tired of having to always deal with not just stress of having to sit down in one spot but to also deal with having to come home listening to the sweet sound of Sarah mclachlan’s music

Why can’t i go through one year or even one day without feeling or being nervous that someone in school might just want to put up their fist and begin to inflect damage on me

I’m a real human but it feels like i’m lilterally failing and dying while still trying inside

is it bad that i can’t stop crying because the pain of having to go through this is torment but now i almost think that it goes from torment to tormented. -Gardenlovepoet


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