its funny how cruel life can be and then still expect you to survive

some people flop and fail , but then there’s the one’s who at least try to survive as the days go on and at least make out at a medium level , then there’s the people who succeed on such a high level that they can have a major job that would benifit humanity

but the bad thing is people have such complacated psyche’s some full of jealously and anger or just feel so disconnected they just want to end up killing someone sometimes out of revenge or even out of no reason

we don’t live forever but we can still try to at least think that there’s a time we were able to smile and feel happiness but at the same time we maybe don’t remeber or we just want to forget or have none

it’s even more sad that some people start to believe that they don’t want to be in this world anymore and they just want to disspaear just by killing themselves

This world is filled with so much hate and always the need to be perfect and then also working to at least be a decent human

we don’t need plastic surgery just to look beautiful

were more than our butts boobs and facal bones no one is born perfect and no one is supposed to BE perfect

and then juding them and making them feel like shit doesn’t even help because it just makes us feel even more worst then we already are.

some of us lilterally go over the edge just to please you and then still try to make fun of us and then starting to talk about us or insult when you should just shut the hell up and look at yourself

It hurts that we try to be perfect

It hurts to feel that we should be scared of what people think

And it really does hurt that some people actually harm themselves cause of it

and for one last thought

Your Yourself Are not perfect. -Gardenlovepoet


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