I was once a young and innocent lady who thought she could have a good life

Until it all came crashing down upon me My father runs away with someone else leaving me with my mother who was always busy and sometimes neglects me

I had no friends because i was different

I actually did enjoy life until the one person who said they loved me takes my life away and then plays with my lifeless corpse like the filthy parasite he is

Even while i was dying i sought revenge because i knew he would do the same thing to many others and i didn’t want to allow it

The fear he had in his eyes when he saw me over his body and then he slowly goes silent and his heart slowly stops beating

I became known by a lot of people for many years

I am doom but at the same time i am salvation too

I have so many names it’s hard to pick one but the name that the fallen ones address me when i speak to them sounds so lovely that i love the ring to it

The queen of maggots because they feed on what’s dead and gone.




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