When i walk outside my few hour prison that drives me nuts i loose faith in humanity just looking at the minds and souls that are supposed to be the new generation of this world

But then looking outside at the current generation outside my grave lies many people with kind and open hearts who actually try to make life easier for others

Even to where we try to say hello to one another

And giving one another a helping hand here and there almost makes me want to restore my faith in humanity again

But i know that there’s still going to be that bunch who do nothing but destory harm and act as the parasites of this world

I still have a few others who still matter to me and i’m still thankful for that

I love you i would say and i wouldn’t want to let it go

But somewhere deep down inside of me i just want to run away from the world and just be alone in my world of insanity that slowly kills me

But i still enjoy going outside even though the hot sun bothers me and the way i’m slowly changing again

There’s are so many people in this world

Doing what they can

To make a difference everyday

So we can all be here to stay

Some will be heros but some will never get their voices herd

So lets join together in harmony and be that voice and stand tall and strong

I thank you i thank you i thank you

So this is near the end of the song i hope you feel the love

It’s the kind of song i write but it’s coming from the heart

If you haven’t said these words then what the hell are you waiting for.



Inspired By The Song “Say The Words” By Wanting Qu



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