I still remember that in the spring we would play and laugh

We would smile as bright as the sun in the sky

Piece by piece as the years went on we soon started to slowly get distant and cold to one another as days went by

I still remember him looking right into my eyes and then telling me how he still cares for me even though as we got older we both just slowly started to loose connection

Then the fights begin to start and soon arch in the sky as if thunder was begining to roar

I know the boarder lines we drew between us

I wanted to hold together but yet like any kind of relationship you have with someone

There could be a point in time where there will be a fight occurring

He told me to go and i kept refusing

We both would carry on and on

We both were lost in our own confusion

Even though i still love him

I don’t know if we’ll ever be the same again.



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