All my eyes still land on you

The rest of this world fades from noise to silence

All i can see is just you and i in this world together i just hope you felt the same

And all of the noise i hear inside

Restless and loud unspoken and wild

And all that you need to say to make it all go away is that you know what i feel as well

I know that letting go can be a very hard thing in the end because you can’t control what your heart feels

So let embrace your feelings and let it out

Even though there are a lot of people stare it doesn’t bother me i would walk through nails just to say how much i love you

I know that this is a big world and that there are many people within it but i don’t want them

I just want you

I know that were both still young and kind of afraid of what were going to do

An open heart is open wound to you

And of a heavy choice

Love has a loud voice

Now still your mind and listen to your heart and i just hope personally that i’m yours.

Inspired By The Song “The Words” By Christina Perri


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