Just waking up to view the new day makes me a bit curious but scared without knowing what today has to offer but i’ll try to keep my composer

Going out into the world brings me memories i had as a child where i remember the sun being warm on my back and i’m with my mother at the park

Oh how fast growing up can go it was almost as if just yesterday me and my mother met

And how every time i would have issues my mom would try to solve them even when she didn’t fully understand it herself

I can’t be more than thankful for that

And even when i grow up and begin my life as whatever i want to be in life

I won’t be far away from you

And even though dad was here once in a while i’m still thankful for him still wanting to see me at all especially when we all never really got along all the time

And then you having no choice but to separate from him because you couldn’t deal with your life falling apart any further

I realized how not every parent is the same but i atleast grew up

With something i could hold on to

For a very long time.


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