So during freshmen year i was beginning high school and when it was time for math class (Algebra) i had issues trying to find the class i was i believe 2 minutes late because i didn’t know where the room was i soon found it (There were others with me but i’m not going to be bothered bringing them up)

She then screamed at us and said that if we was to do it again that she would call our parents i’m like okay? and it was the first fucking day of freshmen year

Throughout that year there was a girl who’s in some way disabled because it looks like she has issues walking so she uses a walker (It was a short red thing with wheels that it would support her as she walks) the para that she had at first didn’t really show her colors until a lot of us started to know how loud and dysfunctional she is

She would get all up in everyone’s buisness when no one was talking to her but then she gets all mad and rages when we get into hers she’s threatend to give us dean refereals and i think at one point she tried to give the whole class detention because we were just talking then from what students told me that she would yell at the disabled girl that she is suposed to help and the girl would get upset (I didn’t look because i didn’t want to make anything any worst) eventually with the constant bullying i was going through and still kind of go through today over there and then with the math teacher and the para i was saying to myself “fuck you both”

Then what i forgot to mention was that at the time our class was always together (Were not always together anymore that much when it comes to electives but we are when it comes to the main classes)

And even during math the para would stare at everyone and then when we get the wrong answer she would snap at everyone and treat us as if were stupid i really do regret not cursing and screaming at her right back because in middle school i had to deal with gang violence (Because there were gangs in the school) i had to teach myself how to fight because i got into quite a few fights only just that it was mostly one person in particular but i’m not going to mention him in this story  i then had to deal with teachers who were in some way mentally abusive to me (Except like 1 during the entire time i was there but that’s a whole another story)

I soon told my mom about all the stuff the para and the math teacher have been doing and or saying and my mom at first didn’t believe me but the more and more i started telling her the more and more she started to get concerned. One time the para or the math teacher said something so bad that when i told my mom she flew into a rage

She then emailed the math teacher’s supervisor and then i believe the supervisor must of sent it to the teacher because that next day when i was in my first or second period class the math teacher wanted to talk to me out in the hallway i asked her what was the problem and soon she started to talk about the email my mom sent and i was trying to bull shit her and much as i could because i didn’t really know what to say i didn’t want to end up saying something i might regret so i kept biting my tongue she soon started to then deny some of the stuff she said such as “I don’t call any of you guys lazy” (even though she did say that but i don’t think she meant it as an insult) then with glory my mom also mentioned the para and what the para has been doing to the entire class and soon the para got in trouble and was put in another class i think i’m not sure but i do remember seeing her in the building from time to time

later on during that day i went into the cafeteria and in a few minutes i came back up stares and a few students from class came up to me and told me about the math teacher crying to the other teachers and how she was scared she might loose her job

i then said something about she did this to herself so she can’t get mad at me for reporting it (I think i said that i’m not too sure)

As for the disabled girl for the rest of that year she had a para who i have seen around the building here and there and she’s kind of nice and a bit more friendly

Today this year (as of September 2016 – June 2017) The disabled girl is in another class and we see her from time to time and we would say hello to her but what really started to disturb me was the original para was still in that same classroom with the girl only that this time it’s another disabled girl she was supposed to watch or something like that

I just hope that that girl is alright i really do.  and i only say that because i’m not in that class and i don’t know if that lady changed.


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