The reason why i don’t really show my face online is because

People can take your image by taking a screen shot of it and then photo shopping it that’s one reason as to why i don’t show my face

The other reason was that in July of 2016 there was a girl who i was friends with but during summer school she secretly took photo’s of me and a few students and then she soon told me later on when this year began (I think in November) that she had photo’s of me and a few students then she showed me the photo and i asked her not to post it

A few days later i she tagged me on a photo and then i saw that she posted the photo and i asked her to delete the photo and she was like nah and i told her in her face at school to either delete it before i really get mad (I didn’t fight her because i was on my last and final warnings and because since i wanted to transfer the other school’s wouldn’t want someone who fights a lot because they don’t want trouble on their hands) i didn’t bother telling any of the deans or teacher’s because they won’t do anything and because they aren’t too much with me or any of the students in class anymore i felt stuck either way

I didn’t want to tell my mom either because then she would of wanted to find out and then she would maybe find my instagram account and my other social media’s and tell me to delete them and i was too scared to risk it.  Thankfully this girl isn’t that popular on social media or even known so it didn’t do too much damage thankfully

I’m not going to leave the link to her profile because i’m not one to encurage bullying or sending threats online i’m just being the bigger person and deciding not to take any sort of action but to just move on with life in any sort of way i can

I also herd from friend that the girl has a bit of “Issues” it wasn’t much of a secret i knew i just didn’t know it was that bad but i don’t care

That former friend is nothing but a part of the past

She doesn’t fucking exist to me anymore

And that’s why i don’t show my face.


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