How long can the act of being fake last for

How long can i stop pretending that i didn’t care about you when you did me like that

I sometimes ask myself why sometimes and how were you able to live with yourself for doing that or doing this

I’m angry but at the same time i’m still numb to it

I sometimes feel like this happened just yesterday even though this happened over 10 months ago

Time doesn’t end for me it just stops and all the “Good” things that has happened to me over all that time was nothing but a nostalgic dream that i don’t remember

I still wake up only to see you right next to me when i fight with myself just to not let you come back

I still don’t forgive you even when you think i’m still okay with you

I just hope your guilty for what you did

And then the way you leave me alone only to be with some other whore off the street who you don’t even fucking know

I’m not going to keep on pretending i don’t see what your doing and i’m honestly not going to keep putting up with your shit

And even though i’m still wishing for you come back i know your happy with whoever the fuck she or he is

I stayed alone cause of anger

You left me cause of guilt

We Abandoned our relationship out of change

I feel so empty

And you feel so full of yourself.

Inspired By The Song “Guilt” (Zui e gan) By A-Lin


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