Why does it bother me that i still remember you and i still remember your face

I try to forget how we were a thing and how i was so silly to fall for you

When there’s no wind how am i able to breath past all this guilt

I’m lost in my own memories and i don’t know how to make it all stop

I still try to look on the bright side and try to look beyond this pain and try to find a way to build a new world for myself in life

I’m not able to find a way to breathe out of this pain but i’m still climbing through it all on a mountian of guilt

Were both like trains cause in that moment we both could collide together and we both could loose our lives

Our titanic love story was never real and i really did wish it was

And even when i’m still in my desperate cage still trying to get out you still won’t be able to stop me

I’m walking on and i’m going to make my own path

I’m a goddess and i’m still going to prevail

So try to stop me

I dare you.

Inspired By The Song “All In” By A-Lin


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