I hid my feelings quite well but you saw through me and you knew just by looking at my scars that i did go through something no matter how insignificant it was

Thank you for trying to be nice to me and for sharing your stories with me

And what i would even also say is that it’s nice to have a friend because i never had any in my life for a very long time

I was like a flower that was dying in the darkness and you became that light that helped me bloom

So thank you for that you helped me open more and not try to close like a flower petal

Even though i still am cautious i’m going to make sure that this life of mine isn’t going to waste even when i feel the storm within rising and i won’t be able to stop or control that

But with every storm there is always the sunshine and nature begins to restore to peace

Like my heart.

Inspired By The Song “Sincerely” By Melody Ishihara


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