I’m in love with

These “common” people

All these indifferent passer bys

If you scratch them a little bit

Will emerge from their inside

Such stories

That no writer has written yet

Such a book

That can worthy

Reflect them

No scenario has yet written

That can include such

Complexity and multiplicity

Even though

All these movie stars

Are trying so hard to impersonate

As good as they can

These commons

These commons that

Many times

They look even more interesting

Than gods

These commons

With raged and concerned eyes that

Shine when they smile

And with surprising manners

I wish I was a bird

So I could fly

Above these commons

That knows so much

And talk so little

Like this I want to walk on this earth


Without disturbing

Not even the grass that

I step sometimes

And like this I want to go

Without public ceremonies

Without honors

Without crying

Without no special day on my memory


In some corner of earth

In a secluded apartment

Lying next to a big window

Enjoying the stars

And with such confidence that

I opened them

Like that

To close it again. -Rapsang04



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