We are some raindrops

Sometimes quit and soft

Other times harsh and full of intensity

All of us came from the same source

We go through the same road

We will end up in the same fate

Along the road we do not talk

Everyone sees only his own destination

Like the moment the form was born the essence died

We fall next to each other but we rarely mingle

Like we ignore the existence of the other

Like someone reduced our vision

Full of anger and hate we fall sometimes

Like we want to flatten everything

And ultimately the only thing that we accomplish

After we get tired and stop

Is to melt without any value

We born together

We die together

We live apart

Our expression is unique

But we all come from the same cloud

We were always one

Regardless what we do

We are always one

Regardless where we will go

We will be always one

Why we can’t see it? -Rapsang04



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