Has not yet invented the language that

Can stand worthy

To characterize you

Nevertheless I still write

I’m fighting with myself everyday for you

But believe me

I enjoy it till the last howl

And as I hear more sighs

I hit even harder

And much more my fire for you strengthens

I wrote my first poem for you

And I hope the last too

Do you remember it?

“I feel you so near“

But the time has passed

And it passed so mysteriously

That now I can’t recognize

Where the “me” begins and

Where the “you” ends

The bridge collapsed

But it didn’t collapsed by itself

We demolished it

And we did it because

So is love



It doesn’t fit cowardice

And it wasn’t love at first sight

It was an ocean

I had to dive deep

In order to understand

In order to explore

And I never afraid of drowning. -Rapsang04



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