A small bird sat by my window dis morning just go give me a note

I whisper good morning all it sang good morning back

Leaving the note behind i look at it just to see the sweetest of messages written upon it

The writing brings me back to when i actually was happy and how i felt life was a bit more easier for me to live

It’s sad how sometimes a lot of good things come to an end

My poisoned world still exists but i stopped caring

I feel like a flower trapped deep under the ground without any sort of hope of blooming and my roots so thin but long they stretch for miles

Loneliness is still hard but living just to survive is even harder

Sometimes i imagine myself as that little bird from earlier with wings so light i can soar above the clouds and be one with the sky

Free from the ground i can finally breathe and free from the pain of staying low made me feel harmony

Today only got harder but tomorrow was undetermined.


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