If you really want to know how i’m playing this game take a walk on the wild side taking turns is my game

Singing and dancing till 2 am like a rock star with others telling me to shut up like a really give a shit

Being me is all i need i am a fighter with the right and will to survive

It’s maybe not easy to get by in life but i do what i must to get past it all even if it means i degrade my image to becoming an artificial fake bitch

My face isn’t to joke about i’m always serous i’m as strict as they come i only back down when i know i’m defeated

If you become willing to share your heart with me then i’ll be willing to be sharing my heart with you

Break it you will pay

Cause i don’t play fucking up these mother fuckers cause i don’t play

So try to play me bitch.

Inspired by the song “Play” By Jolin Tsai

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