I sit down to play the piano and just try to let my feelings flow out here and there

My beautiful dear my star my lover my soul mate my fucking everything

You are more beautiful than you realize

There’s more kindness in your little finger tip than i do in my entire body

Together lets work together and fly up to the stars so that we become the master piece

And even here on earth we are still one and still ones to be valued

My life was empty and my heart was broken from all my last lovers

I almost gave up on love and even life in general and become a hermit in a tower

But you opened my heart more than anyone else did

You became my sun on this bare empty and dark place

You became the dream that cleansed me of my nightmares

You’re the only one i’m exited to come home to

And you’re the only one i’m glad to go to bed with

And really even in old age i’ll still be with you

Loss of you would not just be pain

But agony

So why not we enjoy living

Instead of Sitting by the window looking at the rain

Why not we play in the rain

And then come back to watch the sun rise. -Gardenlovepoet

Inspired By The Song Nagareboshi (流れ星) By Misia


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