I was busy shopping only to come home and smell candle lit lemonade in the air

I knew what was going he was home and i saw that he left a sock right at the front door

His clothes was left as a path so i followed it

The trail ended to the bedroom and i was quite pleased personally

And there he was right in our bed with candles lit and a smile of lust on his face

I knew what he wanted and he knew what i wanted and i was going to give in to what i was feeling i wanted to take him whole

And we both can share one another for as we cherish it all

“Come here kitty kitty” i say to him in a deep and calm voice my love stick also getting hard

We both smile as we began tenderly dig into one another

The warmth

The Passion

The moment

It all made me forget how bad life was and let me see how good life can be even in it’s most tiny moments

And even when we done with it all

He left right on top of me

Only to have our heart beats lull us both to sleep.


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