There will come a time where we all loose something that could matter to us

As if it was like ashes it leaves from our lives

I still remember how you and i would be happy together and how i when i was still at my low you were there for me so thank you for that

I still miss you everyday there’s still so much more i want to tell you i just don’t know how to explain it so much

Even as i look up to this colorful sky i still think about you and i sometimes ask myself if you are thinking of me

You’re always in my thoughts you showed me love like no one ever did

Even if I get hurt sometimes I want to keep feeling you

At least I have my memories to comfort me

I’ll always have you here

And if i was to ever see you again the one thing i would say to you is

Thank you for memories that i can happily reflect upon every waking day of this old life of mine.

Inspired By The Song “Arigatou” By Kokia


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