How long must i keep falling in life just to hope i improve and move on

Once again i’m at a path to which i know that i’ll at some point experence a fault but i go anyways even though i’m now alone

Life is a struggle i’m the only one

Love is a tango

Everyone grows old and i’m still not the only one

But the hell do i feel so alone

Once again i’m hanging by a thread that slowly leads to my end not even knowing who could help me back up or if the thread snaps and i fall

I’m still dancing through life even though i’m not having fun

I hate it all and i’m still alone

And even though everyone’s still enjoying being young those years died for me

I had to mentally grow up more than others

I just wanted to have someone to hold me just  so i don’t have to keep feeling alone and on death’s fucking door

I’m still struggling in life even though i have no sort of direction at all but we all grow old and learn from mistakes right

But why the hell do i still feel alone.

Inspired By The Song “Life is a struggle” By Wanting Qu

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