In the land of gods and men i was an angel

Living in the garden of sinful lies

Screwed up high and messed up but shining like a star of fire

You got the drug i need to keep me sane give it to me slowly

Me and myself never really got along but that’s not my concern

No ones taking my soul unless i’m willing to i’m living like lana del rey in chateau marmont

In the land of gods and men i became a pure luster looking to get fucked hard

Like a porn star doing a shoot in a dungeon

You got that drug i need dope shoot it up straight to the heart please

I don’t care what’ll happen to me now i just want to live right now

Innocence lost in something that once was pure like a lily

When you talk it’s like a song that drives me crazy

Cause life imitates art

We both could live high and dry for a very long time

It doesn’t matter.

Inspired By The Song “Gods And Monsters” By Lana Del Rey


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