Today was stressful like any other day my anxiety was killing me and my throat was dry but i felt glad to be coming home to him just the thought of us back together made me feel so warm inside

Just coming home i can smell him here and there he is right in our bed where we both lay our heads

Strange even as we greet one another i still feel like this man is a total stranger to me then i soon get the memories of us meeting and then becoming friends and like magic more than just friends

The coffee he made sits by our bed probly cold and pretty much empty

I feel coming on and he felt the same and i wanted to bask in every ounce of love we made to each other

The passion was such an amazing feeling my brain went numb and my hearing went silent

And before i knew it he was right on top of me slowly going right to sleep and i soon slip fast to sleep

All while the sun begins to set and the moon slowly rising again

Just remember dear

Always remember

That no matter what you do or where you go i’ll still always love you

This world may be big but this our story and our life and were going to live it for as long as we can

And you know i gave up on life a long time ago because i thought there was no point in keeping this all up

But because of you i’m able to breathe again and i’m able to smile again and even travel again

Cause even out on the open road i don’t feel alone anymore once you here with me.



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