I walk upon the beach to not only feel the cold wet water brush wash itself upon my feet

But beyond it i see a small ray of color reflecting within the water

Without hesitation i dive into the unknown place

A whole another world not as far away from land

Fish and animals of many sizes shapes color and strengths

Freedom within the ocean only as if it was a paradise off of dry land

Only if you could see what i’m doing or where i am today i sometimes ask if you even cared at all

I remembered how you made my life feel like an empty fish bowl but with only water

At night would always be alone in bed not even knowing where you were like what the fuck was that about

I sometimes ask myself why did i stay with you only to have to give me roses to die and coffee i wouldn’t drink

But as the saying goes there’s plenty of fish in the sea. -Gardenlovepoet

(Image Found On Google Images)


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