I stand on a mountain and just glare upon the sunset hitting the water below

Seeing the light reflecting upon the water only to give off a warm nostalgic feeling of Abeing with the one you love or your friends or even with your family

Living in harmony with one’s self and with others brings about the good relations for people

Even when it rains i still stand on the mountain just to feel the rain hit me as the water gets filled with even more water to where it sometimes floods but still flows to the edge of this world

And finally when moon is out i still like to look up at the sky and see the stars and moon reflecting upon the water only making the water feel magical

Glaring at that water for years makes me feel like life is worth living you just have to go out into this world just to discover what it is your looking for even when it hurts you can still have someone elses support

And that was something i should of learned

A long time ago. -gardenlovpoet

A Poem Inspired By The Singer Misia


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