How long must we destroy one another with hate and violence till we soon understand that were hurting not just one another but ourselves as a species

Does our future turn into a dead flower that lives in an environment of instural factories releasing out toxic gasses blocking out the sky where nothing but people scatter like rats looking for food even going to the point of eating each other or our beloved friends

Wake up From this brainwashing programming and finally know that we as humans from the dawn of our existence have lived in chaos destroying this once beautiful planet we live on

From gender to skin color to the attraction to the same sex or desire to be a different gender matters not

Life in harmony must be made in order for progress to come forward

Oppression and restriction will only be made if you keep destroying the system that has kept you safe all this time

Our antebellum is at a loss and our time is running out

And even if this world ignites into flames

I know that you’ll be there right next to me

Our future maybe bleek and we may not know what the future hold

But what i can hope and imagine is that it could bloom like a flower while the sun is setting above the horizon and our hearts united as one become people and as people

we be come one. -gardenlovepoet

Inspired By The Song “Kioku” By Misia


そっと咲いた花のように 未來は訪れるの
sotto sai ta hana no youni mirai wa otozure runo
見果てぬ夢 思い出の中に 何が見えるの?
mi hate nu yume omoide no naka ni nani ga mie runo ?
nigiri shimeta teno nukumori ni
shiawase wo mamori nuke ru
その答え 知りたい
sono kotae shiri tai
nani mo iwa nai mama
toki gasubetewo tsure saro uto
kokorowa daki shimeteru
あなたがくれた 代わるものない記憶を
anata ga kureta kawaru mono nai kioku wo
誰かのために 生きることから
dareka no tame ni ikiru koto kara
kakegae no nai kizuna wa
tsunagatte iku deshou
namida wa sure nai youni
toki gasubetewo kaete yukou to
hitori de mita yozora ni
あなたはいつも きっと いてくれる
anata wa itsumo kitto itekureru
anata no koe ga
anata no kodou ga
kieru koto nado nai
shirushi nara
nani mo iwa nai mama
なにも訊かないまま 心は
nani mo kika nai mama kokoro wa
kanarazu daki shimeteru
あなたがくれた 代わるものない記憶を
anatagakureta kawa rumononai kioku wo
yasashii kioku wo
Does the future gently bloom like a flower?
In our memories, what do we see of unfinished dreams?
The warmth of your hand in mine
How do I protect this happiness
I want to know the answer
Don’t say anything
Let time take away everything
My heart holds on to the everlasting memories you gave me
These irreplaceable bonds
Are why we live for others
For us not to forget the tears
Time comes and changes everything
In my night sky
You’ll surely always be there
Your voice
Your pulse
They can never go away
If I mark them
Don’t say anything
Don’t ask anything
Without a doubt, my heart holds on to the everlasting memories you gave me
These tender memories

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