Well in July of 2016 i was pretty much off from school so i had a lot of time on my hands i soon got into art and i began doing water panting but i saw how i struggled a lot at it i then played with soft and oil pastels (Not hard) then eventually i kind of lost interest in it but then i came across origami again i knew about it for a very long time i just didn’t like it but when i saw it again i thought of giving it a try again. My very first creation was a crane (It came out alright just a bit uneven) then i created a tulip with a stem and i felt really good about myself it took me a few weeks to learn how to do butterfly and it took me over 2 months to learn to make a crane later on i found a youtube channel called “Happy puppy truffles” and automatically i was hooked the way that it was shown to me was very easy and kind of fun and since then i have learned how to make many things and i even went to a point where i tried to memorize how to do it without the help of the video and even though the channel hasn’t been doing origami lately it’s still nice to view whatever content is put out (At least i enjoy it)

If you have an interest in origami or looking to try something here’s a video on an origami figure i find very easy personally (i’ll just be leaving 2)





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