When night falls and the rain begins to pour you know she’s near

Vailed in white and black she flies upon her wings of feathery black

Her voice is as icy as a snowstorm

Her look is the manifestation of a dream only to find out it could be your worst nightmare

Whenever she is raging she takes many lives away

Haven’t you seen the death that lies within our world

You can’t hide from her

She can smell you and she will find you

Fearing her is just going to make it more worst for you

But her heart can be as kind as the sweetest person you can ever meet on earth

But don’t push her

She hovers above the sky and even walks upon the ground

Watching you sleep

And sometimes waits for you

When your time comes. -Gardenlovepoet

Inspired By The Song “Ice Queen” By Within Temptation




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