Ever since you left our bed has been empty

Nothing was able to fill this void of loneliness i felt

I try to go out into the world every so often but i can’t help but feel that constant burden on me 24/7

I miss the warmth of your body against mine and i miss the way that i could embrace someone who won’t judge me or would at least comfort me

My clothes still smell like you

And the smell of your cigarette is still in the air of our home

I pretend i’m not hurt  and go about the world like i’m having “Fun”

I remember what you gave to me the memory of having someone that actually cared for me and that’s something that i can never forget

But i saw why we had to break up

It wasn’t because of the way we treated one another but it was because that our love wasn’t as strong as it was

So where ever you are i hope your still happy and able to live life to it’s fullest.


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