Flowers can be very beautiful when they begin to grow and have a bit of sun light reflecting upon them oh how natural they look when the wind begins to blow through them and sometimes they dance with the wind

As for me i’m just a tree that was made brittle and colorful in no way am i real anymore

Life for me as a tree was a bit different cause i grew so tall that i felt like i could touch the sky

Only to then be cut down into something that can wither away in water or be torn with just enough force

But i have to admit to myself i still see myself as beautiful and others see it too even my color is what draws them near

But a lass i reached old age and even though paper is pretty much immortal over time it starts to slowly soft and even more brittle to the touch

At least for as long as i can remember i still had a wonderful life being able to hear the birds on the summer breeze and then look up at the never ending sky

And finally to know someone that actually took time in creating me

And i’ll just smile as i’m slowly being disintegrated.


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