I try to comfort you and tell you that it’s all going to be alright even though knowing deep down inside it isn’t

Even as the rain begins to pour down upon us we go back to our home just to seek shelter from the rain

While the rain begins to hit harder our hearts feel the strain of us being together and how it’s not working out

Our love stopped working but we both still stayed together

And since i didn’t want you to leave the place you called home for so long

I decided to leave alone only for you to go on living your life

Only that i forgot what happiness is

I forgot what it was like to be loved by someone for so long

Because in this world love is taken for granted and is shown to be something that can be abused even to the most gentle of hearts

But we all learn to take a step to a better tomorrow

And face the next embrace of the next person who knows us and loves us

For who we are.

Inspired By The Song “Mars And Roses” By Misia


“nantoka naru sa” to kotae wo makasete
違う話をして 誤魔化す
chigau hanashi wo shite  gomakasu
水しぶきを上げて走る車さえ crying
mizushibuki wo agete hashiru kuruma sae  crying
唇を噛んで こらえてる涙さえも
kuchibiru wo kande  koraeteru namida sae mo
ima wa nuguenai okubyoumono
曇りガラスで ため息隠したまま
kumori GARASU de  tameiki kakushita mama
sugisatte yuku MEMORI-
この今の真実が いつか嘘になることを願ってばかりで
kono ima no shinjitsu ga itsuka uso ni naru koto wo negatte bakari de
kokoro hitotsu
持ったら 飛び越えていきたいよ
mottara  tobikoete yukitai yo
どんなに 傷ついてもいいから
donna ni  kizutsuitemo ii kara
泣かないで 今愛を止めないで
nakanaide  ima ai wo tomenaide
じゃあねと別れて 車をおりた君が
jaa ne to wakarete  kuruma wo orita kimi ga
sukoshi tsuyoku mieta natsu no gogo
shirazu shirazu ni sugoshita toki no naka de
wasureteta shiawase
otona ni nareba kowai mono wa nai to omotteta itami mo shirazu ni
心ひとつ 守れる 強さを持てたのなら
kokoro hitotsu  mamoreru  tsuyosa moteta no nara
悲しみ 寄せつけやしないのに
kanashimi  yosetsuke ya shinai noni
泣かないで 今愛を止めないで
nakanaide  ima ai wo tomenaide
いつかは 悲しみさえ 飛び越えていきたいよ
itsuka wa  kanashimi sae  tobikoete yukitai yo
どんなに 傷ついてもいいから
donna ni  kizutsuitemo ii kara
泣かないで 今愛を止めないで
nakanaide  ima ai wo tomenaide
You keep answering “It’ll be alright”
And change the subject
Like the water that splashes up from cars on a wet road, crying
Bitting my lips, holding back the tears
As of now, I am a coward
I sigh behind the fogged up glass
As the memories drift away
I keep wishing that the truth will become a lie
If I could just have one heart
I would fly away
I don’t care how hurtful it could be
Just don’t cry, and don’t stop loving
You said bye and got out of the car
You seemed strong on that summer afternoon
All that time I spent not knowing
I forgot about happiness
The pain of thinking that when I become an adult, there would be nothing to fear
If I could have the strength to protect someone’s heart
I would never draw sadness near it
I wouldn’t cry, and wouldn’t stop loving
Eventually, I’ll fly past all the sadness
It doesn’t matter how much I’ll get hurt
Just don’t cry, and don’t stop loving.
Source for lyrics: https://lyrics2thai.blogspot.com/2016/05/misia-kokoro-hitotsu-mars-roses.html

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