So i began doing Tai chi in august of 2015 because since i was going to begin high school i knew i might run into an issue here and there so i would use this not for self defense but to calm myself and not let anger bubble to the surface.

How i herd about Tai Chi (And you might be weirded out) Was Through the show “Avatar The Last Air Bender” My Favorite kind of element shown in the show was water bending because it looked peaceful and relaxing and at the same time powerful and passive

The fighting styles shown in the show are based off of Chinese Martial Arts

Earth bending is Hung gar Which is would explain how the Earth benders in the show are so connected to the ground and rooted to it, The Fire bending in the show is based off of Shaolin Martial Arts Which also explains how fire benders have a lot of energy and sometimes a bit of force when it comes to bending, Air Bending in the show is based off of bagua Because Air benders shown in the show are constantly light on their feet and only strike when their “Enemy” is open, Now Finally Water bending. Water bending is based off of Tai chi because water benders in the show move slowly with the water pulling and pushing and using control of breath and breathing and then also using one’s attacks against themselves.

Now i could be wrong when it comes down to the last 3 bending forms i talked about because there’s a difference between fantasy and reality but i mostly went off with how the characters would begin their fighting or their training i do encourage you to look that up. Anyways so first when it began tai chi i accidentally started at the advance class but the lady at the desk put me under as beginner When the teacher first saw me i would say she kind of doubted that i would make it far (Only because not many people my age would do Tai chi well i haven’t seen anyone my age doing it) At first balance was kind of hard i have tripped and fallen i also tried to balance everything but later on after a few classes i slowly was able to get the hang of it and Tai chi also became a good stress relief when i would come home from school upset. I did want to quit sometimes but my mom didn’t want me to quit at it because she saw how good i was starting to get. Over time the teacher began to see how i started to improve in the art and soon i was able to do it up to single whip which is mostly i think 5+ moves because there’s sinking in and then doing ward off with left hand and then there’s a few others but i don’t really remember the names for them.

i then soon began going back to the advance classes just to further my learning in the art of tai chi and it took me quite a while to reach white crane spreads its wings i think that’s what it was called and slowly i learned more and more and as of this year i haven’t been going back to tai chi until recently and when i came back the teacher was quite happy to see me again i told a bit about my school life and i asked her how she’s been (She had a surgery on her knee because she had a bad knee) And now since i’m pretty much done with school for now (I do have summer school though :/ )  i’m still going to keep trying to do Tai chi and i’m not just going to throw it away now especially since i came so far and i’m almost finished with learning the form (In some way) and who knows maybe i might become a teacher or maybe i would just blog about my moments in it

Any who that’s my story and i hope you enjoyed it and here’s the video where i learned about the elements of the show and then also about the martial arts associated with them.


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