When the rain clouds soon part only for us to see the sun we both walk out holding one another’s hand in perfect harmony

The sand feels so moist but yet so soft almost like our bed back at home

The ocean’s waves wash off and on the sea and i’m overcome by the feelings of nostlgia

Day by Day you fixed the wounds that were inflected on me and tried to make me feel better as best you can

But i don’t need you to fix me anymore because i’m not broken anymore

I just want to keep you close to my heart forever

And they say that forever is a long time but we never know what tomrrow holds

We just need to value each day as if it was our last

Life is not just short but it sometimes has its many ups and downs that can make us smile laugh or cry

You’re here and there’s nothing that i fear and i know that our hearts will keep on living on in my dreams and my heart And i know that it’ll be the same for you

Because were together forever.

Inspired By The Song “少しずつ大切に” (Sukoshi Zutsu Taisetsu Ni) By Misia

Kanji And Romaji Lyrics:

雨のち晴れの空の下で 手を取り歩いていく あなたと
ame nochi hare no sora no shita de te wo tori aruite iku anata to
今日の起きたこと いろんなこと 語り合う 愛しいことを
kyou no okita koto ironna koto katariau itoshii koto wo

大切なことを 知っていたいから
taisetsu na koto wo shitte itai kara
何よりも どんな時も あなたを
nani yori mo donna toki mo anata wo
涙でもいいから 伝えてね
namida demo ii kara tsutaete ne

少しずつ 少しずつ 重ねていく 今
sukoshi zutsu sukoshi zutsu kasanete iku ima
その一つ その一つが 大事な瞬間だと 気づくよ
sono hitotsu sono hitotsu ga daiji na shunkan da to kidzuku yo

風が吹き抜けていく大地を 並んで歩いていく あなたと
kaze ga fukinukete iku daichi wo narande aruite iku anata to
重なり 繋がっていく命 この胸に感じているよ
kasanari tsunagatte’ku inochi kono mune ni kanjite iru yo

愛しい世界よ 聞いてください
itoshii sekai yo kiite kudasai
何よりも 心から 伝えたい
nani yori mo kokoro kara tsutaetai
ありがとう あなたを 愛しています
arigatou anata wo aishite imasu

大切に 大切に 見つめていこうよ
taisetsu ni taisetsu ni mitsumete ikou yo
また新しい明日を 生きていくんだ 愛を込めて
mata atarashii ashita wo ikite iku’n da ai wo komete

悲しい思い出なら 喜びで塗り替えよう
kanashii omoide nara yorokobi de nurikaeyou
限りある時の中で 今日も あなたと ここにいる
kagiri aru toki no naka de kyou mo anata to koko ni iru

少しずつ 大切に 歩いて行こう 未来へ
sukoshi zutsu taisetsu ni aruite ikou mirai e
また新しい明日を 生きていくんだ 愛を込めて
mata atarashii ashita wo ikite iku’n da ai wo komete

生きていくんだ 愛を込めて
ikite iku’n da ai wo komete.


When I walk hand in hand with you beneath the sunny sky after the rain
we tell each other what happened today and various other dear things

Because I want to know what’s important to you
more than anything, no matter when
even if you cry it’s alright,
please tell me, ok?

Little by little, little by little, they’re increasing now
one by one, one by one I’m realising that they’re important moments

If I walk aligned with the earth together with you as the wind blows through
I feel our lives overlapping and connecting in my heart

Please listen to me, beloved world
More than anything I want to tell you from my heart
‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’

Let’s look at it as something precious, precious
We’re living a new tomorrow with love once more

If you have sad memories then let’s repaint them with joy
In the time I have I’m living together with you here today as well

Little by little, treasuring each moment let’s walk towards tomorrow
We’re living a new tomorrow with love once more

We’re living with love.

Source: http://chrisk69.exteen.com/20100618/japanese-song-lyric-misia-23569-12375-12378-12388-22823-2099


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