In my mind i’m thinking about how my days and nights were times of my life i tried so hard to value

Each day was a moment where i would go outside into this world and start to learn about many things this world offers

And every night was a moment of relaxation that brings about dreams of my day

But every once in a while i didn’t celebrate life alone

I had you and i still have you in my life fortunately

You were the one that brought me back to life and tried to give me a reason to try

You gave me my wings and helped me learn how to fly through life like a bird in the sky

You even gave me memories that i can forever hold

The only things i was able to give you was love back in return and someone that will be with you for as long as i possibly can

Even at night i sometimes cry and imagine the end with you finally having to leave me and for you to rest

Every night it would tear me to shreds you even ask am i alright and all i did was because i didn’t want you to worry like that even though you are that other part of me

You comforted me when i soon told you and i help but to break down and tell you

You being open as possible reassured me only to make me feel better and it stopped hurting after a while

Never will i let you fall and never will i let you get hurt.


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