For anyone who didn’t know i made a few books and posted to a site known as so lets begin

My first book “The Rain After The Storm” was created to show and depict how i’m going to be moving to the next chapter of my life but at the same time i still have my worries and doubts about certain things and also would even show how i kept referring to my past

In my second book “Hard To Forget Through Life” That one is essentially about how i struggled very badly in life for a very long time and how i kind of lost hope on how everything was going to get better or feel better but i kept pressing on and trying so hard not to want to give everything i worked so hard for but at the same time having a mind that’s slowly starting to slip

In my 3rd and current book that i released not too long ago is known as “Flower trying to bloom in the snow” that book is based around how i’m trying to get better and move on with it and may also still get memories of the past showing up once in a while and that it sometimes hard to shake off but in the end i come out victorious and fairly free.

I was thinking of making a 4th one later on down the road somewhere i just don’t know when but i’ll make sure to notify you on that

And if you ever would like to view any of my books on tablo here’s my Profile


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