So not too long ago i began doing yoga and i knew that there was pain to the process but for me it wasn’t just painful it was unbearable for me and it would be so hard my arms and legs would be sore and if i stayed in a position that was uncomfortable for me i would start twitching just to keep it in that position. I know that Yoga isn’t for everyone and i kind of realized that it’s not for me i don’t see myself doing that every day but as for someone who likes and has a lot of experience or those who just started out but want to stick with it i would want to say power to you. Personally as for the time being i’m just going to stick with Tai chi and a bit of meditation for now because I’ve been doing tai chi for quite sometime and it’s not really sitting on a mat doing all kinds of uncomfortable (At least for me) poses and postures that could stretch you out and have you be a bit more flexible. What i enjoy about Tai chi is that it’s moving meditation the form that i’m learning i came quite a long way but not to where i’m able to do it without the aid of the teacher. At first when she saw me she was maybe thinking in her mind that i maybe wouldn’t make it but she was surprised seeing how well i began to bloom over time and i don’t think shes seen anyone my age doing Tai chi because most of the people my age would be either involved in gangs or doing all kinds of things on social media or doing all kinds of things i just don’t want to mention. I’m not saying every person my age does it but i’m just saying in general. I’m not much of a wild kid in fact i’m mostly calm (Well try to anyways hehe) and i’m most alone sometimes (Even though i do sometimes use social media just to stay in contact with friends here and there) i know i’m still learning but i know i’m not the only one because everyone on this planet would learn something about something they didn’t know and it won’t come right away over time it will it only works if you give yourself a chance and you try to put the effort into it. Have a good day night or afternoon wherever you are.


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