So in life we would sometimes do something nice to help a person or if a person chooses to help us and that i would say personally is something that gives me a small bit of faith in humanity here’s a bit of an odd story my mother told me today when she came home. She was walking over to a pizza place and she dropped some change on the ground she knew it fell but she didn’t want to pick it up because she was wearing a dress and didn’t want people to stare at her so she left it someone picked up the change for my mother and then tried to give it to her but my mother told them to keep it my mom soon goes inside and the person follows her and just gives it to her and even when my mom goes outside and goes to work and when she comes back the neighbors always say hello and sometimes start conversation with her and even when shes shopping out in the stores near out home the employees are very kind to her and at one point today she was getting the cereal that i like a lot and she found out that there was a sale for a certain kind of it but she didn’t know the employee said that the sale was only for the raspberry kind only but he soon gave my mom i think a discount on the 2 boxes of the cereal and that’s something i call not just an act of kindness but the act of being a decent human being and just a way to try to brighten up some else’s day.

Today i’m going tell you a bit about my favorite youtuber her name (Well user) is Joy Sparkle BS. The day i found out about joy was when this site was launched and Joy is very upfront about things and shes someone i can relate to and she does from time to time she also talks about her illness that she suffers through i can’t really explain it but all i’m going to say is that it’s something that was i would say killing her but from what she said in a video she has posted today she’s getting better bit by bit and i sometimes feel bad for her because even though i’m not able to take a deep breath still i’m at least able to breathe and i’m thankful i don’t have any major health problems so please when your done reading this just look at this video and this made me very emotional writing this because even though I don’t know joy personally i would like to one day talk to her.



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