Life is a struggle and its sometimes hard for some people to get through it and sometimes you could say they unravel but then sometimes there are also those little moments where you break out of that hard struggles mindset and notice something that could make you feel a little better when i was going through a bit a depression episode i listened to the song ride by lana del rey and it made me feel a bit better and i was able to snap out of that feeling of emptiness hopelessness constant sadness and even the feelings of other negative things that are just too hard to talk about but just because that worked for me that doesn’t mean it works for others and to you who suffers or is going through a hard time remember this and i’m going to sound really cliche when i say this but if you ended your life you would be ending a temporary situation with something permanent we lost a lot of wonderful colorful fun beautiful strong courageous and very inspiring people please don’t leave us i know that there is at least one person in this world that cares for you because we all live here on earth together so we should try to help one another without trying to tear or destroy one another and if you ever feel lonely try to reach out to someone because who knows they could brighten up your day or vice versa.


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