They say that once your dead it’s over but for me it isn’t

I still hear your voice and see your shadow so i know their all wrong

Moonlight shining on the path to your grave leads me to where you lay

They kept trying to take you from me but now i’m going to make sure you rest peacefully now

I wish i could stay with you here on earth forever but since i’m still alive i would have endure it

The softly spoken vows you gave me before your passing is still pungent like the smell of blood that filled the room that day

I still won’t ever understand what made you want to do what you did just to leave me behind but it’s alright i place no blame on you

Life itself is hard and sometimes it’s not always kind to everyone and sometimes it can be down right cruel leading

To a tragedy.

Inspired By The Song “Even In Death” By Evanescence


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