So i know i may have written about this person before but now this time really is the day

What i want to say is that this person has been friends with me since freshmen year and at first we didn’t talk but over time we got to know one another and we soon became good friends he then told me that i was the only person in his life that actually didn’t try to lie or betray him and lets just say that his life wasn’t too kind to him especially when he lost someone in his family that was very close to him and since then everything turned into a mess for him and people while he was in middle school would make fun of him and tell him that the person that was close to him deserved to die and he got so mad that…..Lets just say that kid was never the same for sometime (And no i wasn’t there but it was a story he told me middle school was hard for me too but that’s another story i’ll tell at some point.) This person actually made staying at school bearable for me because while everything was falling apart for me over there he was by my side and the school has tried to get rid of him because they don’t like him in any sort of way and i don’t know why but what they weren’t able to do was they wasn’t able to take him from me i wasn’t going to let him go especially since he became the only person i felt comfortable to be around with he didn’t talk shit about me behind my back he actually wanted to help me when i was in danger if it wasn’t for him i would of maybe not be here right now my mental state was a wreck and i wanted to stop coming to school because of what kept going on during that year (I don’t know if i talked about what happened but i’ll soon talk about it in another post) So during july of 2016 me and my mom kept trying to find a way to transfer out of where i was at currently but there were new rules that were put in place so that if you wanted a school transfer it had to be either the school was too far away (More than 30 minutes) i didn’t have that problem, The school is unsafe I tried to file for that but i actually had to go to the cops and i think get a police report then i would of been taken out but i didn’t  for that either because the students haven’t really threaten me badly and i haven’t been jumped by anyone at the school so that didn’t work i then chose to go with a medical issue (that was the final choice) and all i needed was a note from a psychiatrist. It took some time to find one but thankfully we did and then i got the note and then… mom got a call back from the district about the transfer and they told her that they felt like it would be an “injustice” if i left since it was the mid to end of the year i was so crushed when i herd that months of trying not to loose my mind and go nuts and then having to take outside counseling because i didnt feel comfortable talking with any sort of staff in school , having nightmares, not able to sleep,  and then walking into school as if its a fighting rink. I was tired of playing  by the school’s rules and have them restrict me i was done with it all. In may of 2017 at the near end of that month i ran out of the school especially knowing i could be in trouble for doing that but i didn’t care i knew the repercussions but i didn’t care i then that next day I had to talk about why I ran out to the admins i was blunt and cold about it i then did the same thing in june of 2017 close to the end and an admin was lecturing to me about how they’ll call the cops if i do it again i held my tounge and said nothing but i  knew something like it was going to happen i had no reason for running away but now i’m glad school is over for now and i could finally put that nightmare behind me 

But i feel so cheated because i had waste 2 years of my lide wasting away and to have everything that made me what i am today bubble up to the surface i’m going to hope that this transfer was worth it 

After everything i had to jump through i hope it gets better

As for my friend he has to stay his parent doesnt want him to go to another school because they knew of how “great” it is. 

Tomorrow i’m going to be visiting this other school and i just hope that this is all worth it.


6 thoughts on “Moving on leaving behind my only friend (Story Time)

  1. That really sucks you have to go through that and a shame the school system would prefer to wait until something horrible happens to step in or give u the option of transferring in the first place. I wasn’t very fond of school myself when I was attending, I couldn’t imagine how it is now. I hope this other school is better for you. Sorry about your friend. :-/

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